Origin Stories, Part II

Emilia was just so boring and typical.

She wanted to move out of her hometown to go to college in a big city, live in a loft and write serious poetry. As she Googled “colleges in NYC,” she adjusted her big horn-rimmed glasses. Though she was thirsty for originality, she just could not stop trying to emulate Blair and Dan from Gossip Girl. She wanted to be an It Girl and a precocious writer at the same time. Both her bookcase and her clothing closet were ready to burst.


Origin Stories, Part I

Her father named her after the stars in the hopes that she would become one.

Born on a pleasant May afternoon, Star made her first appearance and almost killed her mother in the process. As her skin reddened with life, her mother’s tinged with blue. Both filled the hospital room with screams clinging to consciousness.

The first person to hold her like she might fly away was her grandmother Tita. Tita introduced her to water, who became a lifelong friend.

Star’s first word was cookie, revealing her indulgent nature that would follow her for the rest of her life.

Whenever you look at her, you get the feeling that you’re looking into the past. That is if you are looking at her at all. When she was 5, she let loneliness brush her hair as she watched other kids play in the park.